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Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad (US-Layout, QWERTY)

when typing on the iPad on your Logitech keyboard, you can keyboard shortcuts for the most frequently used commands (eg As copying and pasting, etc.) Undo save much time.

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iPad 1
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div div Keeps a low profile 380 div

Ultra-slim design

This compact keyboard combines the advantages of traditional keyboards and laptop - for optimal use of your tablet PCs anywhere. div div

double used

If you are traveling, the travel case protects your keyboard. And once you arrive, it converts to a stable mount for your iPad that you can adjust to your desired angle. div  Does double duty 410 div < div> Speaks tablet div

For Apple made div div

Easy to use

you have direct access to multimedia controls such as play, pause and volume control. div  Listens along 410 div

Gives you options Flexible div

Thanks to the separate holder, you can place your iPad at any location - in portrait or landscape format - and so have more flexibility than other portable keyboards . div div

absolute effectively

When typing on the iPad on your Logitech keyboard, you can shortcut keys for the most commonly used commands (such As copy and paste, undo, etc.) save a lot of time.

  • Replaces up to 15 remotes, reducing clutter and complexity in the living room
  • The control action of a button turns on the right devices in the right order -. Thus your home entertainment to enjoy faster than other remotes.
  • The interactive LCD display and keypad with backlight and using function allows each family member a simple operation.
  • The Internet Wizard steps you through the installation.
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(USA Layout - QWERTY)

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