Logitech Harmony RF system - for Logitech Harmony 900 Entertainment & Multimedia Cable & Adapter

Logitech Harmony RF system - for Logitech Harmony 900

-easy to install system with infrared distributors,-control of devices without direct line of sight

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Extend your harmony 900 Funk features for access to AV devices in multiple cabinets or rooms. Designed for the harmony 900 which has been Logitech Harmony RF system specifically for your Logitech Harmony 900 is designed.

Greater range
Now you can make the devices of your system in several cabinets 

Control. Made easy.
The flexible IR transmitter system with an included set IR transmitter can be is light and easy to set up and adjust features an easy-to-install, additional RF system that extends the reach of your Logitech ® Harmony ® 900, you can mount devices in multiple cabinets or rooms.

Improved Funk function
Your Logitech ® Harmony ® 900 comes with an RF System. The additional RF Systems lets you put your equipment in several cabinets.

Exclusive to the Logitech Harmony 900
No compatibility issues. The Logitech Harmony RF system has been specifically designed for your Logitech Harmony 900.
Infrared transmitter place you converted the infrared transmitter nearby which are to control devices and the Funk signals into IR commands, the devices talk to the.

IR transmitter
The IR Transmitter are connected to the main station and share to infrared signals to devices in other cabinets. Each station can control multiple devices. In addition, they are easy to move and can be easily reconfigured. -Any device that you use your Logitech Harmony 900 control, controls up to 15 devices can be configured, it works with the Logitech Harmony RF System.

Content includes:


-1 wireless transmitter

-2 infrared mini transmitter

-Power supply

-Instruction manual

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